wilderness to table

Bri Van Scotter

Chef. Hunter. Adventurer.



Chef Bri is a professionally trained Chef & Pastry Chef who turned into a hunter to source the most sustainable and purest forms of protein possible. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bri was not happy with corporate life. So she quit it all to head back to school. This time she headed straight to the Napa Valley where she gradutated from the prestegious Culinary Institute of America, with a degree in Culinary arts. After working in many of Americas famed restaurants she then went back to school to further for culinary passion. She went on to graduate with honors from The Art Institute, where she also became a Culinary Arts teacher as well.


Do you know where your food comes from?

In a world full of GMO’s and chemicals our food is quickly becoming toxic to our bodies. Not only are we hurting our bodies by ingesting these foods but many of these mass produced farms and factories are not sustainable forms of food. We have become a society that is disconnected from where our food actually comes from. This is exactly why Bri turned to hunting to hand source pure organic protein.

Wilderness to Table

Once Bri started hunting for her own protein, she quickly created Wilderness to Table to show the beauty of self harvested wild game. She shows that there is more to wild game than just grilling the backstrap! She creates beautiful chef inspired dishes that are elegant and approchable for the avid hunter and home cook. Her blog has been turned into a television series and can be seen on Amazon Prime.



Bri is not one to shy away from adventure, Bri is an avid spearfisher, free diver and scuba diver. Spearfishing is the most sustainable form of fishing, you take only what you need and there is zero bicatch. Bri is a certified Level I Free diver and is in the process of getting Dive Master Certification. The ocean has played a big role in Bri’s life and she considers it to be her most favorite place to be.

On top of hunting and spearfishing Bri is an avid Traveler. She believes that traveling teaches you so much about who you are, cultures, and most importantly food. She travels anywhere and every where always in search of new food and cooking techniques. Travel is what inspires her as a chef. She has traveled all throughout the world and when asked what her favorite place is she would quickly say Paris, France or any where tropical!

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