Kentucky Derby, Kentucky

My husband and I are all about checking off those boxes on our bucket list. One of our bucket list items was to attend the Kentucky Derby! Both of us had never been before, but always wanted to go. So this year we were finally able to attend. And what fun it was. I had never been to a horse race, so it took me some time to get the hang of the betting, but towards the end of the day, I was up there putting in my bets. I didn't win much, just enough to keep the bets going, but thats the point right? The Kentucky Derby is and American classic, its part of our tradition and it truly felt that you were attending something special. Where else can you go where everyone is dressed to the nines, hats, shoes and all, that is not a private party? The Derby is like being back in the good ole days, when fashion was classy and you drank bourbon with your pinkies up.

It was a nice change to get out of my camo and actually throw on a dress. I will however share one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I hardly ever wear heels, and now they just kill my feet, give me boots and I'm good to go. The one requirement that my husband placed on me in order to attend the Derby was that I had to wear heels. So I did, and boy did I, and he, regret it. We got up from our seats to grab a snack, I came back with nachos and a cocktail (keeping it classy, LOL). As I was walking down the steps to our seats, I tripped and fell. My nachos and drink go flying on the seats in front of me (thank goodness know one was sitting in them). And when I fell the crowd around me all gasped at the same time! Ugghhhh.... I was mortified, my first remarks to my husband were "see I told you I shouldn't have worn heels"! I then quickly get to my seat to try and hide in the depths of my bright pink hat. After I was able to show my face again we went to the souvenir shop to see if they had some flats I could buy. But everything happens for a reason, and I ended up buying my first pair of flip flops with grass on them! So Cool Right? At least my complete and total embarrassment wasn't for nothing!

After the Derby we were able to walk around and discover the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky. What a great city it is! We ended the day at a Derby Music Festival and had dinner at a wonderful steak house. Louisville is great city to visit, plus if you can get out to see some horse farms I definitely recommend that too!