Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is such a fun little city to visit. Its beautiful in its own unique way that is distinctly Savannah. For one, Spanish moss is everywhere (pictured above), which gives the city and eery feeling off the bat. Yes, Savannah is said to be haunted, and I will say there is something about Savannah that makes you feel that way when you are there.  

One of the biggest highlights of our trip down south to Savannah was the haunted carriage ride. We first had dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons. Oh boy was that some good ole down home cooking! We had the famous chicken pot pie (which is big enough to make two people full), fried chicken, biscuits, and cocktails spiked with moon shine! By the time we were done eating we were in full on food comas, and we almost canceled our haunted carriage ride. But we managed to make the walk to join the tour, and I am so glad we did. If your in Savannah this is something you have to do. You can book them by walking into just about any hotel in Savannah. It was so awesome!! You take a horse and carriage ride throughout the city and squares and they give you the history and tell you all the creepy things that happened that make Savannah haunted. If your not a believer after that, well then your ghost immune.

My husband and I are always in search of the most awesome and delicious places to eat, where ever we go. And we managed to eat at two stellar places:

  1. The Lady and Sons - Paula Deen's Restaurant

  2. Zunzis - Don't miss this place, its a mix of different cultures of food like Swiss and South African, and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! Some of the best sausage I have ever had was here!