Favorites: Hunters Kloak


White tail season is s super serious time in my household. Its time to fill the freezer with pure organic meat to feed my family till the next season. With that there are a few things I don't leave home without to go hunting with. And one of those items is my Hunters Kloak. White tail can smell the tiniest bit of human scent. So all those hours sitting in a tree stand can go wasted, all because the deer can smell you from so far away. So you have to outsmart them a bit. And I outsmart them with my Hunters Kloak, it reduces the human scent while in the field. If you don't know what Hunters Kloak is heres exactly what it is in their words:

The Hunter’s Kloak™ Electronic Mist System is a game changer when it comes to the reduction of human odor in the field. Simply hang the electronic mister near you on a tree branch or from your stand and let the mist surround you. It’ll travel naturally on the breeze to provide cover-up down wind with both concealment or attractant mist scents.

This little devise emits a scent mist to help disguise your scent and attack the deer to your stand! Whats not to love, right? I went out the other day and managed to spot 7 doe all coming in to see what that awesome smell was.

The great thing about this amazing little device is you can easily purchase it at Walmart, CLICK HERE. To learn more about Hunters Kloak, CLICK HERE.

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This post was sponsored by Hunter’s Kloak in conjunction with The Women Bloggers, LLC. All opinions are my own.