Black Bear Hunt - British Columbia, Canada

Crystal blue skies, rocky mountains and bears! All things I experienced on my trip to British Columbia Canada! While I'd LOVE to tell you all about my Amazing trip and how I took my very first bear. I can't! Ya'll will have to wait for it to come out in the Spring 2018 Issue of Ballistic Magazine! ;-) Sorry to burst your bubble, but ya'll will want to pick up your copy to see how awesome my hunt was. 

But what I can (and will) talk to you about is the outfitter I went on this hunt with Covert Outfitting. I experienced taking my very first Black Bear with Covert Outfitting. I can't tell you what a joy the guides at Covert Outfitting are! I learned so much about bears, their habits and environment. It was a trip I will never forget. And I can't recommend Covert Outfitting enough. 

Covert Outfitting: