Page, Arizona


Page, Arizona may not sound like the most popular destination, but it should be on any nature lovers bucket list!

Page has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. I didn't originally plan on visiting Page, I planned on hanging out and visiting with one of my very best friends and her lil cutie pie. But when I threw out a road trip to Page with two toddlers to her, being the awesome friend she is said "hell yeah". 

So my toddler and I packed our bags and headed to Arizona. Then we were soon packing up my friends car to go on our first road trip with our two toddlers. This was definilty not the same kind of road trips we were used to in our college days. I believe that motto of our trip was "I didn't think of that". I'm sure all you other Mamas out there know what we mean. We forgot things, Brough excess about of snacks, stopped constantly for potty breaks and listened to Disney movies being played the whole time. Yes, we even sang along, lol! But most all I had the best time chatting it up with my bestie! Being a mom is tough work, so its so nice to be able to vent to your friend who knows exactly what you are going through! Mommies Unite!!  

Bri Van Scotter