Licker Land

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Many may not know... but I am a trained Pastry Chef as well. In fact I joke that all my teeth are sweet not just one. I've ran kitchens as a pastry chef as well. My love for pastry is actually what got me into cooking. I believe as chef you never stop learning and the best way to learn in my opinion is travel and cooking from cook books, especially those from talented chefs.  So for this edition of "Cooking From" I decided to try out this molten Matcha Tart from James Beard Nominated Chef Jason Licker in his new cook book titled Licker Land. If you enjoy the flavors of Asia then this book is perfect for you. When I traveled throughout Asia I was captivated by their use of local flavors, the delicate balance of them and the tender care put into everything they make. Their food has such history and the more I learn about one ingredient the more I keep wanting to learn even more about their cuisine. And  this book brings you a heavy dose of knowledge of Asian ingredients and desserts. I highly recommend this book, not because I can call Jason a friend but because he is truly talented at what he does. And ya'll know, when I love something I share it, and I know ya'll will want to cook from this as much as I do. This book does tend to be for the more advance pastry person, but please don't let that stop you! The effort is worth it not only for the final product, but you will learn so much for all his techniques. So get learning ya'll!

 I've also made the Chocolate Passion Fruit cake, and I must say its by far my favorite cake! I mean he had me at Passion Fruit and Chocolate, so it was already a home run! LOL

To purchase his book from Amazon CLICK HERE or from his website HERE

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Cabela's Kitchen Table


To kick off this new section of "Cooking from", my new section on my site where I share what cook books I'm currently cooking from, this week I'm cooking from Cabela's Kitchen Table!

This cook book just came out and published by Cabela's, the fun thing about this book is that it is full of recipes and stories from Cabela's Outtfitter and Pro-Staffers. You can find all sorts of wild game recipes in this new book, everything from Turkey to Bear and more. Plus its really fun to see what these Cabela's Outfitter cook in the filed! 

After giving this gem a look over I decided to make the Guadalupe Buffalo Chili Pie. I had to modify the recipe a bit, since I was cooking in my kitchen on not in the field. But overall I can see why this recipe is such a hit with Cabela's Outfitter Lorenz Leppert Sr.. After a long day in the field this recipe is something super comforting and warm to come back to. If your like me and want to try this recipe (on page 156) my alterations to this were, I cooked everything in a cast iron pan and finished by baking the corn bread in the oven at 375F for about 20-25 minutes.

So next time your in Cabela's pick up this gem of a book, get cooking, take it with you in the field and enjoy recipes from some of Cabela's greatest outfitters and pro-staffers!