Charleston, South Carolina

Oh Charleston, how I fell in love with thee! We recently took a little trip to Charleston, South Carolina and it was absolutely wonderful! I fell in love with the southern charm of Charleston, so much so that I want to move there now! This charming city is such a fun place to be. Its beautiful, charming, clean and full of life. If you want outdoor adventures Charleston has it. If you want culture and art Charleston has it. But most of all if you want good food Charleston has it. In fact the hardest part of your trip to Charleston will be deciding where to eat! Charleston is an easy town to get around, but I suggest ditching the car and just walk down the cobble stone streets. 

We stayed at the coolest hotel with an amazing location called The Vendu. Its modern yet still full of charm and history. The whole hotel is also an art gallery so there are lots of beautiful pieces of art all around. They even have mixology classes you can take and free Starbucks in the morning! LOL!

But here is a short list of things I fell in love with while in Charleston, I'll be sure to update it soon because I know I'll be going back as much as possible!


Callie's Charleston Biscuits- Holy Amaze-Balls, this is the BEST breakfast spot. I recommend getting the Biscuit with Sausage and Egg and a jar of Spicy Pimento Cheese dip to enjoy later!

Husk Restaurant - Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

Belgian Gelato - Yes this is real and its Heaven! Order the Affogato!


Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.

Germany completely shocked me in ways I never expected. I flew to Germany to meet up with my husband who was stationed there for awhile, and I can honestly say I was excited but not as excited as I was about some other countries we have visited. But Germany ended up becoming one of my favorite places we have visited. Germany is beyond beautiful! Every where you go there are green trees, rivers, and blue skies with perfect cotton clouds. I never expected Germany to be so beautiful.

Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria, Germany

On this trip, we ended up renting a car (which is by far the BEST way to see the country), and driving. I started the trip out by landing in Frankfurt, then I took the train down to Landstuhl where my husband was. One a side note: Ladies, I took planes and trains in a foreign country all by myself. And I recommend you do as well. Nothing is more empowering than knowing you can get around somewhere without speaking the language and only relying on yourself.  We spent a few days in Landstuhl, and had the best time go carting. We then got our car and drove to Heidelberg. Heidelberg is such a quaint little town full of charm and delicious restaurants. If your driving through Germany make sure you put it on your list of places to stop at. We then ended up driving to Stuttgart, where most Porsche cars are made. Stuttgart is a typical European city, nothing to wonderful but still prettier than most cities here in the US. We then moved on to Bavaria. Holy Guac! Bavaria is like being in a real life Cinderella movie! It will take your breath away! It is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have been to thus far. If you travel to Germany, you HAVE to make it down to Bavaria, there are castles everywhere, and you can actually go into the Black Forrest! Its true forrest heaven! Do stop at Neuschwanstein Castle, it was built by King Ludwig (who we named our cat after), and was the castle they based Cinderella's Castle after at Disneyland. Bavaria is a real life fairy tail!

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

After our amazing visit to Bavaria we got back into the car and made a pit stop along the Rhine river to visit a Castle that is now a winery. The views, the wine and the company were delightful. We ever got to have free rain of the castle and go into every nook and lookout. It was Awesome!

Food in Bavaria, wine at a castle and shopping in Munchen.

Food in Bavaria, wine at a castle and shopping in Munchen.

We ended our trip in Munchen or Munich as most call it. How of the famous Glockenspiel Clock, and beer gardens. All of which we happily took part in. We ended up staying at cute little hotels along the way. We didn't make any reservations we just went with the flow. We also made a visit to Dachau Concentration camp (I took pictures but won't post them). Never ever did my heart hurt so much. I do recommend going, because seeing history for yourself is nothing like reading about it. It was a life changing experience for me and it will be for you as well.  


Belize is home to the most Amazing snorkeling ever! I've been to Maui and island throughout Hawaii, but nothing compared to being underwater in Belize! My husband and I stayed on the island of Ambergris Caye of the cost of Belize. I was full of soft white sand and turquoise waters. My husband and I would take the kayaks out and go free driving for conch shells, which was pure heaven. We didn't get the chance to do any fishing, but there is always next time. We did however take a boat to where all these sharks are and you can snorkel with them. This was the highlight of my trip. I literally jumped into the water and felt shark skin all over me. It was amazing!

If you say on one of the Islands off the coast of Belize, the main ways to the mainland are by boat (which can take about an hour or more) or small plane (which takes about 20 minutes). The fares are pretty cheap, so taking the plane is not going to break the bank. Plus its a great way to see the waters.

We managed to take a plane to the mainland to float through a cave in a tube and go zip lining through the jungle. Both were beyond amazing! We saw monkeys, tropical birds and pure beauty zipping through the trees. We also went floating through a cave, which was a great way to cool off from the heat. But it was truly amazing to be somewhere so untouched by man. These caves were just like the movies, the beauty is life changing, The years that it took for these caves to form will leave you awe inspired. They do provide the rafts and head lights for you, but please bring water shoes, you will need them because everything is rocky.


Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is such a fun little city to visit. Its beautiful in its own unique way that is distinctly Savannah. For one, Spanish moss is everywhere (pictured above), which gives the city and eery feeling off the bat. Yes, Savannah is said to be haunted, and I will say there is something about Savannah that makes you feel that way when you are there.  

One of the biggest highlights of our trip down south to Savannah was the haunted carriage ride. We first had dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons. Oh boy was that some good ole down home cooking! We had the famous chicken pot pie (which is big enough to make two people full), fried chicken, biscuits, and cocktails spiked with moon shine! By the time we were done eating we were in full on food comas, and we almost canceled our haunted carriage ride. But we managed to make the walk to join the tour, and I am so glad we did. If your in Savannah this is something you have to do. You can book them by walking into just about any hotel in Savannah. It was so awesome!! You take a horse and carriage ride throughout the city and squares and they give you the history and tell you all the creepy things that happened that make Savannah haunted. If your not a believer after that, well then your ghost immune.

My husband and I are always in search of the most awesome and delicious places to eat, where ever we go. And we managed to eat at two stellar places:

  1. The Lady and Sons - Paula Deen's Restaurant
  2.  Zunzis - Don't miss this place, its a mix of different cultures of food like Swiss and South African, and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! Some of the best sausage I have ever had was here!