Product Review: The Stay Tight Sling

Al with Stay Tight Sling was so nice to send me one of his slings for me to test out in the field. I had the chance to use it with my bow and rifle for whitetail. I also used it while on the long walk to quail when I didn't need to be holding my shotgun. I quickly found out that the more I used this awesome little gadget the more I loved it/ became dependent on it! LOL! 

The Stay Tight Sling helps to keep your bow or gun in place while on your way to your hunt. I found this product to be SO helpful with my bow. I'm always so worried my sight will get knocked and  be thrown off while carrying it to my tree stand. From the car to the top of my tree stand the Stay Tight Sling kept my bow in place on my shoulder the whole time. But my favorite part about it was climbing into my tree stand. I didn't have to set my bow down in the dirt and pull it up with a cord. I easy carried it on me up to my stand all while having my arms completely free to get up the stand! For this reason alone is why you need a Stay Tight Sling! I promise you, you will end up loving it as much as I do. I also tried it out on my rifle and shotgun and had equally fantastic results with it in the field. I never had to worry that my gun was going to get hit or fall off me. I definitely felt more secure wearing my gun with the Stay Tight Sling.

This product is 100% Wilderness to Table Approved! And we know that ya'll will love it just as much as we do!

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