Bri has teamed up with Executive Outdoor Adventures to offer a unique hunting experience! Join us and experience the beauty of Wilderness to Table. Executive Outdoors is the largest elite outdoor adventure destination for hunters, gun enthusiasts, and thrill seekers alike. Located just an hour northwest of Dallas/Fort Worth, we offer over 265,000 acres of prime Texas farm and ranch land for your next adventure.

Executive Outdoors is dedicated to providing a variety of riveting outdoor experiences you will not find anywhere else in the country. From long range precision shooting and whitetail, exotic, and helicopter hog hunts, to reactive targets, over 130 fully automatic machine guns, three helicopters, side by side ATV’s, and a dedicated and knowledgeable pro staff, we know how to satisfy even the wildest of imaginations. If you can dream it up, Executive Outdoors can make it happen.


After the hunt, join Chef Bri and the Executive Outdoor crew as they teach you proper butchering techniques. From the moment you drop your harvest on the ground Chef Bri and Executive Outdoors will teach you proper cutting, butchering and processing techniques.


Then you’ll move to the kitchen where Chef Bri will either prepare your wild game or if you would like to further your cooking skills she will teach you how to make an elegant menu using your very own harvest! Your chance to truly live the Wilderness to Table lifestyle!


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