Meet Chef Bri...


Hi I'm Bri a Professional Chef & Pastry Chef who turned into a hunter! After graduating college and earning a Bachelors my heart was still not happy. So I followed it to The Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA and graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. After that, I felt the need to head back to school to study Pastry. So I went on to graduate from The Art Institute with a degree in Baking and Pastry. After working in fine dinning for years and having a passion for sharing my love and knowledge of food, I became a Chef Instructor at my Alma Mater The Art Institute.  I always emphasized the importance of knowing where your food comes from to my students. Better ingredients equal better dishes. That love for better ingredients lead me to hunting. In my eyes hunting is a way to connect with your food like know other.  So I have been dedicating myself to hunting the most pure and organic protein possible. I created Wilderness to Table, all about my journey as a chef who became a hunter to showcase the beauty of wild game meat through delicious recipes. 

Wilderness to Table

Wilderness to Table is a lifestyle project that is dedicated to hunting and fishing for the purest most organic form of protein possible. In a world full of GMO everything, going back to our roots of hunting is the only way to nourish our bodies in the way nature intended.  Food is something very special in our lives; it gives us life,  brings us together,  comforts and provides the best memories. As a hunter hunting for your own food you learn to have the utmost respect for where your food comes from, something that is lost in modern society. We have become a disconnected culture and often times an oxymoron. We praise farmers for producing organic vegetables yet will go to McDonalds for a burger, while bashing the hunter that went out to harvest protein themselves.  Having been a professional Chef for many years, I have always been passionate about knowing where my food comes from. Although to be honest I wasn’t always a hunter. I used to view hunters as villains, why would anyone want to hurt an innocent animal? But then I started to get into Archery; it was with the fling of that first arrow that changed everything for me. I dove head first into the sport and hunting. I educated myself on the benefits of hunting and how important hunters are to conservation. Then there’s the chef aspect of hunting that I fell in love with, hunting  provides me with organic pure meat. It’s this passion for the most organic ingredients possible that drove me to create Wilderness to Table. It’s my mission to de-villainize the stigma of hunting and to showcase the amazing beauty of wild game meat. 

Q & A

I often get emails asking the same questions. While I love answering everyones emails, I thought I would post some of my most asked questions. But please don't hesitate to email me your questions as well!

  • Do you only Bow Hunt? No, I do not, I hunt with firearms as well! Although the challenge that Bow hunting brings is thrilling for me!
  • What Bow do you shoot? What is your draw weight? I shoot a Matthews Halon 6 my draw weight is currently 55 pounds and growing!
  • What guns do you hunt with? I use a Kimber Adirondack 7mm.-08, a Kimber Montana .308 & a Benelli SBE II- 12 gauge. I wish I had a Daniel Defense Ambush .308
  • Where did you go to Culinary School?  I went to The Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA & The Art Institute in Orange County CA.
  • What is your favorite food? I get asked this the most, and I say its the 3 C's- Chocolate, Cake & Cheese! 
  • Can I send you products to review? Yes, but I will only post them if I truly love them!
  • Why do you post about your dog? What breed is she? Remi is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and to me she plays a big roll in Wilderness to Table as well. I love bird hunting and she works very hard to help bring me birds back that we will later consume. 
  • Do you have a restaurant? YES! Its called Revolution in Peachtree City GA!